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Decentralized Cryptocurrency Research Tool

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Cryptocurrency is an industry with 600 Billion USD Market Cap

But there is a problem, people find it hard to analyze about cryptocurrency as the info is scattered throughout the web. With Funnel App, people will be able to drag and drop info from various sources into one place, making it easier to decide what to do with the cryptocurrency that they’re researching.


To be #1 source for cryptocurrency analysis


30,000 app download in 3 months
100 advertising sales per month
To have 5 app developer focusing on the project


100,000 app download in one year
Established brand known for cryptocurrency analysis
Effective marketing on social media & news sites
30 in-house staff within 1 year of operation


A platform allows you to create beautiful single funnel for each crypto project on your mobile app. While many platforms only provide a single page service Funnel will be designed specifically for crypto-minded people by crypto-minded people. We will offer a library of pre-built templates and widgets (as well as the ability for you to create your own) using a drag & drop content builder. Funnel platform aims to create fully responsive layouts for both desktop and mobile, with drag & drop functionality, without the need for any design or programming knowledge.

Android App


Users are required to sign in to have exclusive access & modify their content. Users will have the option to use free membership or go for premium membership to access advanced cryptocurrency & ICO analysis features. This will be accessible on a monthly fee when the user upgrades their membership using FNL token.


Funnel will allow verified crypto-related project owner to broadcast their advertising message and use FNL token as a payment method to reward Funnel tool users for their engagement. This message can be in the form of short video, text, graphic or a survey. User will be rewarded with FNL token after they completed survey & provide a relevant feedback.


Funnel Project’s core business is Platform as a Service. By funneling news & stories about altcoin out there into one page, we will help cryptocurrency traders to save time analyzing the market and invest on a sensible project. Funnel Project will collect a 10% fee from the payment that publisher paid for their advertising and the remaining fee will be paid back to the community as a reward.


User will be able to see the current price, market volume & previous trading history according to altcoin activity on cryptocurrency exchange website. Funnel tool will also help to analyze keywords & search term on social media to measure market sentiment.


Trade Funnel Token

FNL token can be traded on the following exchanges.


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