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The team behind the Ark cryptocurrency has announced an update on its Desktop Wallet. The update intends to fix some noticeable bug on its wallet, as well as, enhance the operation of the earlier wallet. It has been over 5 months since the last update

The wallet recently went through an upgrade to version 1.6.0. In terms of user-friendliness and design, the Desktop wallet cannot be compared to other wallets on the Blockchain. With the Ark desktop wallet, users have the opportunity to interact with ACES and SmartBridges directly from the wallet interface.

The update of the Desktop wallet comes with several UI improvements, as well as, tons of new features. The following are some of the improvements from the earlier version;

•        Buying Ark coins directly from the wallet: Previously, it was seemingly difficult to buy crypto coins directly from the earlier version of the Desktop wallet. But right now, the new version of the Desktop wallet makes it possible for users of the platform to buy a crypto coin with their local currency either by using their credit card or by exchanging it with other coins. It is pretty simple to buy coins using the new version. All you have to do is to open the wallet address you intend to fund and then make sure you click the “purchase ARK” tab.

•        Sending the ARK coins to several ARK addresses, users can now send ARK to various ARK addresses simply by clicking the “Send” button from the wallet interface.

•        Import and Generate BIP39 languages: This new version of the Desktop wallet makes it possible for users to generate BIP 39 supported languages such as French, English, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, Italian, Chinese, and a host of other languages.

·         Furthermore, some enhancements have been added to the new wallet such as;

•        The ability to add a recipient’s ID, sender ID, as well as, the transaction ID.

•        Adding a brief message to the receiver in case the receiver wasn’t expecting funds from you

•        Showing transaction error whenever there is a system glitch.

•        Alphabetical sorting of languages in case English is not your primary language.

Users can download the updated Ark Desktop wallet from GitHub

The Ark Community Fund (ACF) recently completed their bi-annual board election on 26th June. 5 ACF board members were duly elected by the ARK community. The new board members are elected to decide which project & idea to support. In the next couple of weeks, the current ACF board members will transmit all their responsibilities to these newly elected board members.

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