, a sister company to Altitude Games is set to help developers to build blockchain based games by launching a Cryptogame Challenge where the winners will get a total of $150,000 cash prize and access to business development and marketing support from the Alto platform.

More than 30 game developers participated in the contest and the top 5 games have been selected in the final round to be developed as working demo on Ropsten Network.

Below are the finalist profiles and their game submission:

BioHackers – BrainFunc

Brainfunc from India is led by Tejas Nikumbh, who has previously worked with multi-billion dollar Multinationals (ADFG), Y-Combinator backed startups and Product Startups. With his team he and his childhood friend Prasanna Dhavale, a seasoned marketing professional and a budding Javascript Developer, they are building a neuroscience adventure game together with medical advisers to guide them on the biology aspects of the game.

Codeglue – Crown of Carnage

Codeglue is a game studio founded in 2000 in the vibrant city of Rotterdam, NL. For nearly two decades the team focuses on creating games with a noteworthy art style and design angle with emphasis on quality gameplay – mainly developing the latest innovations in the field, the Dutch team is tinkering with implementing augmented reality and blockchain technology in their game projects.

Ugarsoft – CryptoBarons

Ugarsoft is an ICT consulting firm known for its ability to integrate IT and communications technologies to offer real solutions to their clients. The blockchain division of Ugarsoft is made up of a diverse and vibrant team from Nigeria and Finland who are leveraging on the power of the blockchain technology to develop and deploy disruptive projects that include but not limited to gaming, fintech, private blockchains and other infrastructural projects.

Digital Token Alliance – Loot Hunt

Hailing from Germany but based in Thailand, the Digital Token Alliance (DTA) is a group of blockchain enthusiasts and gaming industry veterans who are passionate about emerging technologies. Their goal is to create unique experiences that forge human connections, and have dabbled in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and augmented reality. Now the team, with Frank Duffner at the helm, enters the cryptogaming space with Loot Hunt.

Kiokumushi – Treasure Dungeon

Kiokumushi is a small development team based in Tokyo whose singular goal is to show the world the potential of cryptogaming by creating games as addictive as any other. Led by Yuya Ohtsuka, the 4-person team consists of three engineers and one person in charge of planning and design. The fruit of their labor is called Treasure Dungeon.

The winners will be announced on 12th September where the champion of Cryptogame Challenge will take home the $70k grand prize & marks the potential of what blockchain based games can achieve in real world.