Welcome to the GNEISS Revolution


Use GNEISS /nīs/ as your ultimate security companion in any free market transaction. Create, transfer, mint, burn, exchange, tax, or pay dividends to any crypto-asset or smart contract on Gneiss decentralized blockchain-powered trading platform.

With the launch of their website I am excited to share this with the cryptosphere start trading on their innovative exchange platform. But with anything in life, it always helps to know what you are doing before diving straight in; example A being IKEA…need I say more.



The home screen allows for you to be able to find out about GNEISS and who they are. The new video is titled “Welcome to GNEISS” it gives a welcoming overview of their mission.

Scrolling down the page, you will see the newsletter sign up – be sure to sign up to catch the latest news on GNEISS.

At the bottom of the page you will find forums.

GNEISS will be upgrading their system throughout this year to incorporate a a trading system where you can essentially trade anything with anything!

The landing page and the home navigation tab lead to two different places. By clicking on the GNEISS Shield you will be redirected to the landing page about and by clicking on the “HOME” tab, you will be directed to the page below.



Scroll over to the blue across the top of your screen. This is where you can find you E-Vault Address as well as the accounts total value. [BTC & ETH]


Your E-Vault Address is your general ERC-20 token wallet. This will hold any crypto asset that you have purchased and or transferred to your vault using your E-Vault Address.


Your E-Vault username is located below your E-Vault Address. Move your cursor to the right side of the page.

  • Clicking on the different boxes will change the viewing format of your E-Vault.
  • Clicking on the question mark will give an in-depth on screen tutorial of the E-Vault.




At the bottom of your E-Vault you will notice the “Plus Button” [+]. This is where you create your own asset backed token (services current not available to US citizens; until further notice more info will become available)




The marketplace offers a unique trading opportunity for many. It allows you to trade over 400 crypto assets throughout 4 different trading mediums; [Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, & GNEISS]

This give the user endless possibilities when looking for the next GEM. Bitcoin is the default setting when accessing the market place. To change this click on the blue drop down box titled BTC. A drop down menu will appear offering you our other trading pairs. When you click on the token of your choosing you will be brought to the “Crypto Asset Trading” menu for that token.

At the top right of the menu you will see a gear symbol for the settings page.

This will open up a menu and will allow you to remove the token from your evault.

By clicking on Import, you transfer that token to your E-Vault

You will see the Name of the token, its ticker (), picture, and a short description of the token.

Under the current price metrics on the right, you will see a send button. This is where you send the token of your choosing to another “E-VAULT ADDRESS”[ERC20 Compatible Wallet]

Trading menus

They currently have blocked access to US users for the time being to comply with SEC rulings and regulations. If you want to learn more about obstacles GNEISS is overcoming you can read about the SEC’s feelings on ICO’s and Online Platforms for Trading Digital Assets.

On the left you have your buy order menu consisting of only limit orders at the moment but this will change in the future. In the middle of the screen you have the current price in your trading medium for that coin and on the right you have your sell order menu consisting of only limit orders at this point.

Clicking “Back to Main Menu” will bring you back to your E-Vault.

On the marketplace you may customize the basics of the search. You can filter by ranking, name, market cap, price, volume, total supply, and 24hr % change; as well as searching by the search bar.



Clicking on the wallets tab at the top of the page you will be directed to a page with 2 giant QR codes on them. These are your two main wallet addresses. KEEP THESE SECURE. This bitcoin address is only to receive or send bitcoin, and your Ethereum / E-Vault address is where you can directly send your ETH or and other ERC-20 Compatible token.

[ERC20 is a technical standard used for smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain for implementing tokens]

Your E-Vault Address is on this page twice, once at the top and the next under the Ethereum (E-Vault) QR Code. Your bitcoin address is located underneath the QR code for bitcoin.

Below the QR codes is your station to send and conduct business.

Here you will enter the recipients BTC/ETH address, and the amount that you are willing to send.


You can find a recollection of your transaction history below your wallet.

GNEISS has some big update coming this month, click here to sign up now to be sure to catch them!

Cost effectiveness, speed, reliability, and scalability of digital transactions are attracting many big tech companies to join the cryptocurrency bandwagon. Most of these tech companies have either partnered with cryptocurrency companies or tested blockchain and cryptocurrencies internally to be frontrunners in this field. The cryptocurrency industry is optimistic after the reversal of ban on crypto products and services by Facebook and being favored by G-20 leadership towards regulating these currencies.

With the Chinese social media platform, WeChat, paving the way and proving that payment through QR codes is efficient and may soon become mainstream, Amazon and Microsoft have entered into partnerships to launch their blockchain tools.

Blockchain adoption is increasing in 2018 as many startups are moving towards the creation of cryptocurrency tokens by using blockchain technology in an innovative manner. Ripple (XRP), a San Francisco-based cryptocurrency and payment platform, is leading in this field as global transactions are completed in just three seconds in its blockchain. Consequently, most of the banks, remittance companies, and financial institutions are adopting Ripple’s blockchain to revolutionize their businesses. Ripple Labs Director of Regulatory Relations Ryan Zagone has already favored the use of Ripple (XRP) by saying that its use is inevitable for businesses. Big tech companies, like Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft, will not be left behind to maintain their supremacy in the tech world.

The reversal of crypto ads ban by Facebook shows that something big is coming in the near future. Most people speculate that Facebook is planning to launch its own cryptocurrency, while others think that Facebook wants to earn money from crypto ads. Earlier, there were also rumors published in The Economist that Facebook is interested to buy Coinbase, the world’s largest bitcoin exchange. If Facebook launches its own cryptocurrency, all the 2 billion users of its social media platform would have an easy access to that, thus increasing the worth of this token.

Amazon is also an e-commerce giant with the most number of young, educated customers, apart from its Amazon Prime members. This means that Amazon Coin may also have access to thousands of Amazon customers.

A rivalry may also arise between Amazon and Facebook in terms of advertising, which could be a reason behind Facebook’s reversal of ban on crypto ads. Amazon may win in this battle as it has a vast e-commerce experience and has existing partnerships with many banks and remittance companies. Adoption of blockchain and launch of cryptocurrency by Amazon may also benefit its huge customer database because it would become convenient for Amazon to send and receive payments through blockchain technology. Interestingly, the e-commerce giant Amazon, has already registered cryptocurrency website addresses.

We can hope that Amazon may launch its own cryptocurrency even before Facebook does. Launch of cryptocurrency will prove ideal for Amazon Prime brand because it would accelerate its grocery business, thereby revolutionizing the mobile payments. It is also evident that this adoption of blockchain by Big Techs will benefit the cryptocurrency industry a lot and make the competition among tech companies fiercer.

Tech giant Intel has stunned the whole world by announcing partnership with decentralized application platform Enigma Project. The main objective of this partnership is to research and develop advance privacy while keeping the computation technologies at the top. Here, it is pertinent to mention that Enigma is the company that had completed $45 million Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) in September 2017. Most of the crypto experts are of the view that this partnership would increase the credibility of Enigma which is the 82nd largest cryptocurrency being traded across the world. Both the companies have confirmed the partnership at Cyber Week 2018 in Tel Aviv.

Enigma aims to create secret contracts by using Intel’s Software Guard Extension (SGX). There are reports that Enigma is creating private smart contracts for Ethereum blockchain through using SGX. SGX is a software guard that protects data and codes by using enclaves. The use of Intel’s SGX and Enigma’s blockchain will help the partners to develop new decentralized apps with increased security, scalability, and privacy. This means that the partnership will prove a lot beneficial for masses in the shape of private smart contracts.

Rick Echevarria, a spokesperson from Intel says in a blog that the company is committed to revolutionize the businesses through use of blockchain technology. He further says that all this will be achieved while increasing privacy, security, and scalability. Enigma also seems excited at this partnership because it will enable the company to advance its protocol and privacy technologies. This advanced protocol and privacy technologies will infuse a new life to public blockchains. We can hope further collaborations of Enigma with other tech giants.

Enigma plans to launch test run of its advanced protocol by the second half of 2018. The decentralized platform Enigma is working day and night to bring such exciting news for its community. Here, it is important to mention that use of blockchain technology is revolutionizing the businesses all across the world. Global remittances are completing within seconds with the help of various blockchain technology products.

There are a lot of blockchain applications playing pivotal role in almost all the businesses. But, all these applications are based on decentralized public ledger. Thus, the privacy of monetary transactions seems impossible. Enigma aims to overcome this issue by developing an advanced privacy protocol while keeping the computation at the top. This protocol will be developed by using Intel’s SGX tool to protect transactional data from hackers.

Enigma wants the blockchain technology to work at the early stages of tech businesses. We can hope that this partnership may change the trends that various businesses are following. Here, it is pertinent to mention that various cryptocurrency platforms are developing various decentralized applications to ease the customers. Ripple is also one of those platforms that have revolutionized the businesses by increasing the speed, reliability, and scalability of global remittances. Global remittances are completing in just 3 seconds in Ripple’s blockchain technology.

This partnership between Enigma and Intel will increase the scalability, privacy, and security of data being utilized by various businesses activities. It will provide a suitable platform to the businesses for developing end to end decentralized applications.