With the invention of various cryptocurrencies, investors began to think of ways to store the crypto tokens in order to avoid any loss. Various cryptocurrency companies introduced various kinds of wallets for storing particular cryptocurrencies. With the passage of time, people realized the need of an all-in-one crypto wallet that can store as many cryptocurrencies as they want without any fear of losing funds. As a result, various hardware, software, cold, online, and offline wallets were brought up to the stage with various security features and multi-currency support. Security of funds has always remained an issue because most of the crypto wallets offer security through private keys stored in various places.

John McAfee, a renowned cyber security professional, has invented a new crypto wallet in collaboration with Bitfi, a global payment technology company. John McAfee says that this crypto wallet is the first open-source unhackable hardware wallet with Bitfi algorithm for an increased security. The wallet comes with a dashboard, which is easy to set-up wirelessly and can manage various cryptocurrencies and crypto assets. It is worth mentioning that John McAfee has recently joined Bitfi team to accelerate the adoption of digital assets and to ease the interaction with these assets. It is also important to note that John McAfee’s claim of Bitfi Wallet, being an unhackable wallet, has never been made by any one in tech history.

This Bitfi wallet ‘Knox’ is available for purchase in $120 across the world from June 25. John McAfee tweeted that the first batch of the unhackable wallet has sold-out in only 22 minutes, and the second batch has sold out 150 units before the website crashed. One of the greatest reasons for this flash sale is the collaboration of John McAfee with Bitfi because John has a respectable place in the world of cyber security, being inventor of McAfee antivirus program.

Here are some of the features of the unhackable crypto wallet:

  • It offers support for unlimited cryptocurrencies with the facility that allows the new and upcoming cryptocurrencies to automatically be added through updates.
  • It can be easily set-up and synchronized with different devices to utilize the wallet’s dashboard facility.
  • It allows the users to switch instantly among various crypto assets for personal as well as business purposes.
  • It is unhackable because the users can save their funds through memorizing a security phrase which will give them access to the private keys. The private keys will be generated only for a few seconds to authorize the transactions and will not stored at any place, thus avoiding the illicit use of them.
  • Its interface is also attractive and easy to use.
  • It offers minimal transaction fees and stores unlimited amount of any digital currency.

From what is published on their website, Bitfi wallet is probably one of the most secure multi-purpose crypto wallets that will also bring a revolution in crypto trading. Unlimited support for cryptocurrencies, user-friendly interface, competitive price, and unmatched security make this wallet better than any other crypto wallets being used across the globe.

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